• Lack of Servers is Keeping Players Offline

    Sega came out with the japanese version of Phantasy Star Universe unprepared for the flood of players that would be jamming its servers. With confirmed reports that SEGA has already had to order more printings of the game, reports are now quickly showing that there are ID numbers in game to conincide that there 100,000 registered accounts at this moment. However due to the limitations of the servers, SEGA can only accomodate 20,000 players on it's servers at this time. Sega has confirmed this issue, and is scheduling to have more servers installed tomorrow.

    Are you one of the players that is locked out because of this limit? Discuss it with us in our Phantasy Star Universe forum.

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    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      how's this possible? How could Sega not be prepared to know how many ppl will be getting online based on the numbers of copies sold? Does Sega realize what they are up against?
    1. 's Avatar
      Gotta admit thats a pretty dumb thing to do. Surely they should have known how many people world wide would be getting PSU >.o
    1. Zelutos's Avatar
      Zelutos -
      I hope they learn from this and have something up their sleeve for the amount of American players...because there is going to be a ton of them!
    1. 's Avatar
      Never underestimate the market, SEGA. Ever.
    1. Flwl3ssCowboy's Avatar
      Flwl3ssCowboy -
      LMAO is all that comes to my mind right now
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