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    RubyEclipse writes, "A number of teams have banded together to bring over 15 new player-run events to the PSO:BB Community in the coming month. These events include Battle Rule 1 and 6 Tournaments, PSO Video and Poster creating contests, a couples dance-off competition, TTF Time Attack challenges, C-mode events, a 3v3 Go Go ball tournament and more. Prizes range from piles of photon drops to tons of medium and high end rares, and even include Custom made Episode I and II S-rank weapons.

    English PSO:BB may never see MA3 or 4 before PSU releases, but US and UK players can certainly be assured that this next month will be anything but boring.

    Full details and info on the events can be found here.

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      3v3 Go Go ball: Three people on team A have red arrows above their heads, and three people on team B have blue arrows above their heads. The games take place in lobby 15, and the first team to score to five wins the round.
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