• Upcoming JP BB Quests

    A new quest called "Match Race" has been uploaded. In this 4-player quest, you will be split into two teams of two players. You will race against the other team to reach the finish. Teams will have to kill enemies, collect passwords, and try to delay the other team. The team that reaches the goal first will have the chance to win the "Izmaela".

    In addition, the release schedule for the next two months has been released:

    Late October:
    • New Prizes for Danger Deal with Black Paper 2
    • Maximum Attack 1 can now be played at any time

    • Login: Match Race Contest
    • Item Exchange Quest
    • Maximum Attack 2 can now be played at any time

    • Party Quest called "Double Six" will be released.

    Credit goes to Saffran for bringing us this news.

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