• New JP BB Quests

    Even though Phantasy Star Universe is out, the Japanese version of Blue Burst is still continuing to be updated. The second versions of Maximum Attack 1 and 2 from the Gamecube have been added as playable quests. Also, the Login Contest has started. In this quest, you face off against 2 GMs. If you win, your team will earn the Izmaela. Otherwise, you will receive the Login Game Magazine. Finally, A new quest called "Claire's Trade" has been released. You will be able to trade in certain items for new items. For example, the Mericus (a new Force weapon) can be obtained by trading in a Caduceus, Glide Divine, Brave Hammer, and Kinger Striker. New items will be added regularly to this quest. In the future, Japanese players will be able to look forward to playing Maximum Attack 3 Version 2. Credit goes to Saffran for bringing us this news.

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