• December 8th PSU Update

    1up.com reports that Sega will be updating PSU's content weekly, starting with the December 8th, 2006 update. According to 1up's news update, we can expect the following content to be included:

    Expert Classes:
  • Fighgunner
  • Guntecher
  • Wartecher
  • Fortefight
  • Fortegunner
  • Fortetecher
  • Protranser

  • Card [Neudaiz]
  • Grenade [Moatoob]
  • Axe [Moatoob]
  • Double Saber [Parum]
  • Claw [Neudaiz]
  • Twin Claw [Neudaiz]
  • Laser Cannon [Parum]
  • Crossbow [Moatoob]

  • B and A-Rank Weapons (5-8 stars), gear and boards available in all shops

    SUV Weapons:
  • Rafal Buster
  • Sturm Buster

  • Level Cap bumped up to 60, Photon Arts able to achieve level 30, for Expert Classes that support high-level PAs.

  • 10+ S-Rank Missions will become available during the month of December, across all areas, including a new dragon.

  • Information regarding Expert classes can conveniently be found in this thread in our Gameplay Discussion, Guides and Walkthroughs forum. We invite you to discuss the content update in our PSU General forum.

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    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      About time, pity it wasnt earlier.
    1. Jedi_eWok's Avatar
      Jedi_eWok -
      Will the new weapons coming out get their own Photon Arts with this update???
    1. 's Avatar
      About time.

      I hope we get new techs with this update. I hate having ten of the thirty-six available techniques of this game, it's annoying.

    1. Zubon's Avatar
      Zubon -
      Do these things only apply to the online mode of PSU?
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      Story Mode and Extra Mode's content is determined by your progress through Story Mode, not by online content releases. All of these things are therefore, already available offline and ready for the grabbing.
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