• PSO Christmas Updates

    On November 28, the Christmas theme was activated on the Gamecube servers. It will be available until December 26th. During this time period, you will be able to obtain Christmas Presents off the ever-elusive Saint Rappy. If a Christmas Present is opened, you will receive a random mag cell! Also, the Pioneer Christmas quest is making its seasonal appearance.

    In the meantime, the North American XBox servers are celebrating the first-year anniversary of the "Eternal Christmas". For the last year, the Christmas theme has been active. Despite the best efforts of several forum members, it looks like the XBox servers will never been updated again.

    There has been no official announcements about the Christmas theme being activated on the US/EU Blue Burst servers.

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    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      Well lets face it...they probably gave up updating it because of lamers hacking it.
    1. 's Avatar
      What did you expect it's Micro$oft running things properly is the furtherest from their mind, but money is their first love then comes costumers (if they even really cared). Leaving Christmas music and or decorations for a long time is a clue =P. If it was Sonic Team I'm pretty sure they would have been on it in a day or two but not MS.
    1. A2K's Avatar
      A2K -
      Well, they don't "forget" because the billing system is completely automated.
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