• JP BB Content Update

    On December 5th, a special Stealth Suit was released on the Japanese version of Blue Burst and can be obtained by completing the Net Cafe quest. While the practicality of the suit still has yet to be seen, it should prove popular with Naruto-themed characters and may finally provide a solution for the perceived Ramar/Humar ugliness problem. In addition, several new items such as Heavenly HP, Heavently TP, Heavenly Resist have been released. Finally, the Christmas theme was activated. Credit goes to Saffran for providing this news.

    Stealth Suit Demonstration

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    1. goldbrease's Avatar
      goldbrease -
      an item that will be great for jokes and roleplaying and stuff. but unless mobs can't see you then i see this as nothing more then a just for fun item.
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