• Dreamcast and Gamecube Server Shutdown

    On April 1st, 2007, Sonic Team will officially be shutting down the Gamecube and Dreamcast servers as seen in this announcment. The servers will become free-to-play on March 1st, 2007 for a one month period. Also, the 90 payment option will be discontinued on December 8th and the 30 day option on January 29th. Listed below is the versions of the game that will be affected by this anouncement:
    • Dreamcast
      • Version 1
      • Version 2
    • Gamecube
      • Episode 1&2
      • Episode 1&2 Plus
      • Episode 3
    The XBox and Blue Burst servers will remain in operation for the forseeable future. Credit goes to Renamon for spotting this update and EspioKaos/Arislan for providing translations. You can share your reaction in our Phantasy Star Online forum.

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    1. 's Avatar
      Knew this'd happen eventually, but still sad to see GC go.

      I won't forget the Antares 8 days. R.I.P. GC PSO.

    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Nothing lasts forever, but I did had fun when it was around. Did you? ;]
    1. RoninJoku's Avatar
      RoninJoku -
      Quite literally the end of an era in my life. However, the days of good old PSO have been gone for quite some time. This news still makes me a bit sad though. I will miss those good days. See you, every hunters of PSO. /salute
    1. Ryno's Avatar
      Ryno -
      i'm glad xbox servers are not down. because i still have some original pso friends on there that dont have a 360 yet.
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      Um... April fools?!
    1. metatime's Avatar
      metatime -
      I had a lot of good memories on ST. I came on around the same time psow and psop people were leaving for PSOBB so I was a bit of a late comer. Even though it was late, I still met a lot of people and had fun. I still play PSO to this day.
    1. Split's Avatar
      Split -
      free to play? nasty! all legit people go online now, this is the perfect chance to revive the gc servers!
    1. Johan's Avatar
      Johan -
      April 1 is the start of the Japanese fiscal year.
    1. SStrikerR's Avatar
      SStrikerR -
      SEGA!!!!!!!!! ILL DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it aint fair! i had so many ppl...........mario.......neo.......halo zelmos......marnol......i already miss them........but the few ppl that r left other than me.....ill miss ppl all over again. but now they decide to shut them down AFTER the hackers left....no time to do all i wanted to do still......in the last month.....ppl please just get on for that time period.....2 reasons y.......1.i need fellow players to do a few quests that i wanted.......also.......i wanna see my friends again.....1 last time.......1 thing tho......a few ppl i wont miss and i hope DONT get on are...brandon.....ying.....yang.....all the corrupters...man i hope this is an april fools joke...........pretty sick if you ask me.........
    1. Number_Zero's Avatar
      Number_Zero -
      Well that sucks. In all honesty I was expecting the Xbox servers to be shut down first.
    1. Sire_Doime's Avatar
      Sire_Doime -
      That is exactly what I'm thinking. Hmmmm?

      Or maaaaybe a precursory announcment involving the series. Like another one, well..probalyy not..unless they destroy it by making it ....an....ulp...M...M..O..RP..G. UGH!

      Please I hope that won;t be the case! MMOs suck!
    1. Sire_Doime's Avatar
      Sire_Doime -
      I had some really great times online onboard the Carme, Himalia, and Ganymede. All JP ships of course; we KNOW what the US ships were like. I'll never forget my first time being PK'd. And when the lobby went all crazy and my DC rebooted.

      No, I won't miss that. But, I had a great time playing on the PAL servers. I'll just keep playing until the end. There's more than enough time to get from 46 to 80 to play on ultimate mode. Yes, this was really the best game to play online. Now, it's just all war games and sports games that are online. sigh...the true end of an a true era.
    1. Sire_Doime's Avatar
      Sire_Doime -
      Wow, I really didn't know that.

      We Americans are 'tupid. We live on planet USAmerica. :P
    1. qrayg's Avatar
      qrayg -
      I thought the Dreamcast Servers have been gone for years now? Why does it say Gamecube and Dreamcast?
    1. _explosive_'s Avatar
      _explosive_ -
      EU and JP DC servers are still up.

      US went down a long time ago.
    1. DikkyRay's Avatar
      DikkyRay -
      MAn. GOod times on ep3 guys (you know who you are)

      Man, pso ruled. Its a shame that i have to see it go. Ah oh well. Thats going to be one hell of a month on ep3. I better get ready
    1. MasterMargie's Avatar
      MasterMargie -
      Wow, this sucks. I only had my account active online for about three weeks, but it was the sweetest three weeks of PSO ever.

      I'm glad that I at least got on before the end.
    1. radical_ryan's Avatar
      radical_ryan -
      gay is in the air
    1. Thrash777's Avatar
      Thrash777 -
      It's strange that they are keeping the Xbox servers up... must be cheaper to run... and I'm sure the Gamecube has a larger community...
    1. sonicburn's Avatar
      sonicburn -
      Before shutting the whole server, I think Sega should annouce by making the last specail edition of PSO episode 1&2 for GAmecube. All online quests should be added on the last edition for offline mode. Due to the fact that some PSOs fan cannot afford to to install braodband adpter to go online.

      And since sega is focusing on PSU, I think SEga should announce the last specail edition for the gamecube. Thats my suggestion. BUt it up to SEGA!!!

      What do you think PSO fans?!?!?!
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