• One of the Best Dreamcast Games of All-Time

    xxTrystanxx writes, "In the latest issue of Game Informer, PSO was ranked 8th out of the top 10 Dreamcast games of all-time. PSO is joined by such classics as Soul Calibur, Skies of Arcadia, and Shenmue. Also gaining an Honorable Mention was Chu Chu Rocket."

    Ah, the glory days of Dreamcast... how we miss thee. There were definitely some great games back in those days, and it's nice to see that PSO is recognized as being one of them (although the folks around here might have a slightly different opinion of where it would rank in a top 10 list ). Thanks for the story xxTrystanxx!

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    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      >_< ahhh the good times they were soo good. When pso was new and online console gamming was new..wow. Ya just had ta be there (^_^)
    1. nsonic's Avatar
      nsonic -
      How true and sweet it was. Those were indeed the days. It was great to see the favoriates we came to know and love be considered the best, and how odd it was that probably most of use own most if not all of those classics.

      PSODC, gone but never forgotten.
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