• White Day Event on Gamecube PSO

    Cranberry writes, "Sonic Team has loaded the White Day theme onto the Gamecube servers. This will likely be the last official holiday event on Gamecube PSO since the official servers will be shutting down at the end of the month. Since the webpage does not list an ending date for this event, it can be assumed that White Day may run until the server shutdown. "

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    1. Mistle22's Avatar
      Mistle22 -
      It still kills me to think that the servers are closing at the end of the month :/ I guess I can play PSU, but nothing can beat PSO.
    1. Getintothegame's Avatar
      Getintothegame -
      Ugh... Very Sad. Too bad I can't even renew to enjoy the last month.
    1. SStrikerR's Avatar
      SStrikerR -
      I am still subscribing and i am litterally the last player online. anybody want me to pay their last respects to the servers?
    1. Ryoki's Avatar
      Ryoki -
      I saved all my photon drops, and never went online. Damn.
    1. CyberBeast's Avatar
      CyberBeast -
      Good thing people can celebrate fun with PSO for the last time but they might need to get PSU or download PSOBB. I was gonna play online unitl I heard bad news it's Shutting down. But it is gonna be a great White Day on PSO for last time in the PSO GC & XBOX servers.
    1. CyberBeast's Avatar
      CyberBeast -
      SOrry I meant DC.
    1. termfmna's Avatar
      termfmna -
      hey guys... i'm new here... and i was thinking tht i might get online w/ my characters..but when i saw ur latter it sadden me.... i had so many questions about online play... but the one tht bothered me the most was what a photon drop does
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