• PSU April 13 updates

    On April 13, the US/EU Phantasy Star Universe servers were updated with three new S2 Rank missions, Episode 2 Chapter 7, new clothing and parts, and a Spring theme!

    The three new S2 missions include Valley of Carnage, Mine Defense, and Tunnel Recapture.

    Episode 2 Chapter 7 is entitled Protect The Festa and upon completion you will get the card for Leogini S Berafort

    You can discuss this update in our Phantasy Star Universe forum.

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    1. radical_ryan's Avatar
      radical_ryan -
      alll yeah do it!!!!!!!!
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      I just finished Hyuga's Rescue today, so I'll be doing Protect The Festa...probably tomorrow.
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