• JP Blue Burst Servers get 2x Drops

    From April 24th to May 8th, all rare drops on the Japanese Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst servers are being multiplied by two. As usual, this drop increase only pertains to games that are playing in a mission, (Hunters Guild quest and such) rather than in the free mode.

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    1. Joshie's Avatar
      Joshie -
      Why just JP? Not the US? -.-
    1. theonlyHNIC's Avatar
      theonlyHNIC -
      Seriously I don't even know why psow bothers to report this type of stuff. This information doesn't pertain to the vast majority of psow's constituants who play or have played on the non-jp server. If anything, it makes us feel bitter. Why rub it in?
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      We still have several readers that play the Japaanese version Blue Burst. Just because you may not find it newsworthy doesn't mean other people won't.
    1. Cranberry's Avatar
      Cranberry -
      Sonic Team has always favored the Japanese users over all others. This is nothing new. They've been doing it for years. Did you really expect them to suddenly magically change now? Sonic Team has never particularly cared about the players from other regions. It's just something you have to get used to if you play their games.
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