• Further details of the update

    Thanks to everyone on the forums who spotted this, a few more details of what tonight's patch brings have been revealed.
    • Mipmap filter now available within Advanced Graphic options (PC only).
    • Sound Buffer options now available within Advanced Sound options (PC only).
    • Players can be revived mid-mission without affecting overall mission rank (PS2/PC).
    • Enemy speeds have been reduced in higher-rank missions (PS2/PC).
    • The PC and Playstation®2 servers have been modified to fix a group of exploits and security holes.

    The full list of updates can be viewed here.

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    1. Axle-Gear's Avatar
      Axle-Gear -
      I think it will be a welcomed addition, especialy on missions such as Hive S2 - although now there doesnt seem to be any major punishment for death.
    1. SStrikerR's Avatar
      SStrikerR -
      no, we arent that weak, but the majority of ps2 players lag a lot.

      thus enemies move and we dont know it, and they attack us while we are "loading"

      and equiping weapons.

      so we die unfairly, and since ps2 players have thhis happen, we need it, and since we play with the pc players, they get it to, because if we are both playing in same party, teh game would get screwed.

      and you, why is it that you saying we are weak? why not just drop it? you are annoyed about it cuz u suck, u know it, and you know you need it.
    1. Ancient's Avatar
      Ancient -
      Thats a rather large change in gameplay dynamics. Actually, rezzing in mission without penalty feels like it should have been the default play style from the get go. Now having Moons will actually start to be usefull again, heck someone may even find a use for Moon X's.

      It does seem rather strange to change such a large element of gameplay on 2/3's of the game platforms, though. I understand PS2's need for it, but I don't think anyone on 360 would complain about having it either.
    1. NickTheLegend's Avatar
      NickTheLegend -
      i hate to be a chump but i agree i think they should have left the death penalty the same as in pso... who do i agree with you ask? well myself of course...
    1. BanF's Avatar
      BanF -
      Heh, a 360 fanboy who can't read. Turns out, old fellow, the 360 is getting this change as well. SO I guess we 360ers are as weak as the PC/PS2 people!
    1. NickTheLegend's Avatar
      NickTheLegend -
      hmmm interesting id like to think your not an idiot but i just cant find where that little piece of information entered your little brain? cuz it wasnt the official site...
    1. McStiggity's Avatar
      McStiggity -
      I'd like to think you're not a smart ass, but most people have known about the new death penalty rules for quite some time now, though it was assumed it would hit when AotI hit. Which means it'll be coming to 360 :]
    1. NickTheLegend's Avatar
      NickTheLegend -
      well id like to think you can understand a simple question like where exactly did you find that information but apparently you can only make a half assed attempt at an answer and insult. i was actually saying id like it if you werent an idiot and i was actually asking where the information was im sorry if i confused you...;]

    1. NickTheLegend's Avatar
      NickTheLegend -
      maybe i was a little too aggressive im sorry i have a tendency to be a jackass
    1. BaconZero's Avatar
      BaconZero -
      Just goes to show how much of a effect PSO has on PSU now a days. lol
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