• English PSOBB Servers Closing in 2008

    As the North American (and worldwide for 360) release of PSU: Ambition of the Illuminus is only hours away, we regret that we must bring forth some sad news for players of PSO: Blue Burst. The English PSOBB servers will be closing for good early next year. From the Sega Billing web site:
    "We regret to announce that you will no longer be able to purchase Hunters’ Licenses for Phantasy Star Blue Burst from January 9th 2008.

    All subscription-based services will be terminating on Jan 9th, 2008.

    If you have an active subscription terminating between January 9th 2008 and February 9th 2008, your Hunters’ License will be valid until February 9th, at which point the game servers will be made available free of charge to all previous Hunters’ License holders.

    Phantasy Star Blue Burst game servers will be closed down on March 31st, 2008."
    According to a post on Sega's official message boards, Hunter's License sales for PSOBB will actually cease on December 06, 2007, and all subscription-based services for Blue Burst will terminate on January 09, 2008. Any subscriptions that expire between December 09, 2007 and January 09, 2008, will be valid until January 09, 2008, at which point, the servers will be made available for free until they are take offline forever on March 31, 2008.

    Please be sure to check out Clumsyorchid's post at the official forum for further details, including reasons for the closure.
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    1. 's Avatar
      That's a shame really. Some of the best moments in my PSO playtime were on Blue Burst.. I'm surprised it wasn't announced for closure earlier, but it's still a sad day for PSO fans.

      I'll probably log on for the free time to send it away, guess my HUnewearl Teika will take her Sange & Yasha to the grave with her.

      Thanks for the Memories.
    1. AnnabellaRenee87's Avatar
      AnnabellaRenee87 -
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      If I'm reading everything correctly, it sounds like you just need to renew (or reactivate) your account long enough for it to be active past December 9th and you'll have access to the servers all the way up to March 31st when they shut down.

      Since there is some conflicting info in the Sega Billing announcement and Clumsy's post, though, I think we'll need to clarify this.
    1. NeoMusashi's Avatar
      NeoMusashi -
      yes come and help send the game off....tell all your old PSOBB friends....
    1. Gaderffii's Avatar
      Gaderffii -
      DAMMIT SEGA!!!!!! I REALLY HATE YOU NOW!!!! PSU is not and CANNOT EVER be the game pso is! This is downright BS!
    1. Axel77018's Avatar
      Axel77018 -
      you read my mind :/
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