• PSO BB Server Shutdown

    At 4:42 pm PST today, the US/EU Blue Burst servers were officially shutdown. Things ended on an ironic note with the maintenance message urging players to "finish up whatever they were doing and to sign off." You can share your reactions and memories in our Phantasy Star Online forum.

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    1. Cheeseycake's Avatar
      Cheeseycake -
      something sega did right is now gone =='
    1. TsukasaDCX's Avatar
      TsukasaDCX -

      Sega gave it a hell of a run

      6 versions


      Oh well

      I'm still playing
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      PSOX official servers are still up.
    1. TsukasaDCX's Avatar
      TsukasaDCX -
    1. AlexCraig's Avatar
      AlexCraig -
      From the other news up here, not for long it won't be. This sucks. Not like there wasn't only a few of us PSO players remaining in the first place. Now They have virtually wiped us clean off.
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      Sometimes I feel that they just want to forget the Dreamcast...man PSO gone. This game will always have a special place in my heart. It was my favorite game since I started college. I bought my dreamcast just when I started college.

      Heh now I am just three classes away from graduating with two degrees..,and it hits ya that things change. I have not even bought a new gen system yet. O_O I always expected to play games till I am old and grey.

      With the end of PSO. The sega of my FANBOY youth is starting to lose its sparkle. I really hope sega starts to consider the audience it keeps pissing off on.

      The death of the Dreamcast gave me the biggest shock of my video gamming life. I would hate to see sega bit the big one.
    1. the cold stone's Avatar
      the cold stone -
      the problem isnt sega that THEY stopped it the problem is that sony who bought sega a long way back has been shutting down the excelent servers do not blame sega!
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