• Phantasy Star Portable Trailer and Box Art Released

    Sonic Team has released a new trailer for Phantasy Star Portable. The trailer features a recap of the Phantasy Star Universe storyline, gameplay footage, and pictures of new weapons. In addition, the box art for Phantasy Star Portable has been released. It can be seen here. Credit goes to joefro for locating the box art and JaiBlue for the trailer.

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    1. TinyD's Avatar
      TinyD -
      Anyone who's really interested in this game and wants to buy the Japanese version, please mail me.

      I'm in Japan, so can pre-order a copy and send it directly to you.

      You may need a JP PSP - I'm not sure, you'd best check that out.

      I can also get other PSO related goods - The soundtracks, guides (in Japanese), and art books.

      [email protected]


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