• New Phantasy Star Portable information!

    As we approach the July 31 Japanese release of Phantasy Star Portable, new information on the game continues to roll in. Here are some of the new features and changes you can expect to see.

    Character import
    Players will be able to import their characters from the PC/PS2 versions of Phantasy Star Universe to the PSP version. When transferred over, characters will retain their name, race, sex, voice, clothes/parts and level (though if you are over LV20, your imported character will be reduced to LV20). Data which will not carry over includes your equipment, inventory, photon arts, Guardian type and partner machine.

    System changes
    The weapon grinding system has been modified so that all weapons have a 100% success rate. However, the amount that a stat increases with each grind will be random.
    Item drops have also been modified. With PSP, the items that drop in a mission are determined in part by the Guardian type of the party leader. Also, rare items will be distributed to all party members instead of only one player.
    City navigation has received an overhaul. With this game, players will no longer have to traverse a city to move from shop to shop. Instead, a menu will be displayed which will allow players to choose a location and immediately transport there.

    That's not all, of course! For more information on what to expect from Phantasy Star Portable, please see this thread.

    EDIT: xBladeM6x has located a new extended trailer.
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    1. GuardianElite's Avatar
      GuardianElite -
      when you import data it means to copy it and send to the psp..lol
    1. ForteGunnerW's Avatar
      ForteGunnerW -
      This game has online right?
    1. Nicodareus's Avatar
      Nicodareus -
      Since when did it become an 'overhaul' to take the exploration factor out of a game? For that matter, when did it become a standard in video gaming to begin with.. I consider it lazy coding and terrible business practice. People should have to get around on their own two feet (Virtual feet that is)

      So yeah. I thank Sega for making an already too easy to navigate game even easier to get around in. /sarcasm

      Also, to the poster above, I'm under the impression that you aren't permanently transferring your char.. You are creating a copy for the PSP version and get to keep your PC/PS2 char.
    1. xExFireFox's Avatar
      xExFireFox -
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