• Phantasy Star Portable demo coming soon!

    Starting July 14, Phantasy Star fans will be able to download a trial (Japanese) version of the upcoming Phantasy Star Portable! By accessing the PlayStation Store from your PC or PS3, you will be able to download the demo to a Memory Stick Duo to play on your PSP.

    Thanks to forum user blyr for the initial report!

    Also, with the Japanese release of PSP only weeks away, we are proud to announce the opening of our PSP forum! Keep an eye on the board for the latest PSP news and information as it rolls in!

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    1. RadXXL's Avatar
      RadXXL -
      Hope the demo has a language option...probably not though
    1. Chris_Chocobo's Avatar
      Chris_Chocobo -
      I allready got the Demo.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      It will also be available from the official site (according to the official site )
    1. Tsuingi's Avatar
      Tsuingi -
      I also got the demo yesterday. It's ok.
    1. RadXXL's Avatar
      RadXXL -
      Probably silly to wonder if there is a way to compress the files to a smaller size to fit on a smaller card.
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