• Phantasy Star Portable Released in Japan

    Today marks the offiical release of Phantasy Star Portable in Japan! To celebrate the occasion, several Japanese release events are being sponsored by Sega. Special merchandise such as telephone and post cards will be given away! In addiiton, the Phantasy Star Portable download site is now available. Players will now be able to import their online characters and download the new trade-in mission. The trade-in mission features several Phantasy Star Online inspired items such as the Caduceus, Inferno Bazooka, and Rocket Punch!

    You can discuss this news in our Phantasy Star Portable forum. Credit goes to DarkShadowX and sodandy for bringing us news about the download mission.
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    1. EspioKaos's Avatar
      EspioKaos -
      They're only in Japan. They're just little "release parties" being held at different Japanese retailers.
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