• 500,000 Units Shipped in the First Week

    Mainichi, a leading Japanese newspaper, is reporting that Sega of Japan has shipped 500,000 copies of Phantasy Star Portable within the first week. According to the Pocketgamer website, this puts the game in the same league as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (480,000 copies) and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (880,000 copies) for first-week shipments in Japan.
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    1. EtherForce's Avatar
      EtherForce -
      Wow, I'm surprised it can do as well as a Final Fantasy title.
    1. S-T-H's Avatar
      S-T-H -
      Guys, I think you might be a bit confused. Those numbers for the other games were first week sales (like how PSP had 342k). The half a million mark comes with just what Sega shipped to stores by the end of the week following PSP's release. It will be interesting though to see how PSP fares in its second (first full) week and beyond. We should be seeing more numbers soon.
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