• Phantasy Star Portable Number One for Second Week Running

    LotusCharts has released the Media Create numbers for the week of August 4th to the 10th. Here we go:


    01. [PSP] Phantasy Star Portable (SEGA) 148,000 / 490,000
    02. [NDS] Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken (Nintendo) 145,000 / NEW
    03. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) 130,000 / 343,000
    04. [360] Tales of Vesperia (Namco Bandai) 108,000 / NEW
    05. [NDS] Dragon Quest V (Square Enix) 73,000 / 1,019,000
    06. [NDS] Sangokushi Taisen Ten (SEGA) 33,000 / NEW
    07. [NDS] Summon Night 2 (Namco Bandai) 30,000 / NEW
    08. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) 27,000 / 2,470,000
    09. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) 23,000 / 1,656,000
    10. [PS3] Soul Calibur 4 (Namco Bandai) 23,000 / 97,000


    Considering that these numbers are returned from the end of last week, it should be safe to assume that PSP has already cleared half a million copies by now. It's impressive to see PSP in its second week take on and beat two newcomers from other established RPG franchises. I have to give credit to Tales of Vesperia in particular as it probably now has the best first week sales of any 360 title in Japan. The game has been in the news a good deal recently for spiking the 360's not-so-frequent popularity again.


    Here are the second week sales numbers (care of VGChartz) for the top three first week sellers (for the Playstation Portable):


    Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G - 581,102
    Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd - 150,498
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - 122,144


    The first week sales for these games can be seen in my prior post here. It will be interesting to see how much longer PSP can manage to remain in the top ten.
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    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Pretty impressive sale figure compared to how the two previous titles were.
    1. S-T-H's Avatar
      S-T-H -
      After looking at the current releases list for this week in Japan, I believe that there is a good chance PSP can snag number one again. It would also appear that Sega's shipment of PSP is riding very close to sales. It sold well, but perhaps not as much as it could have if it were in better supply.
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