• Official Announcement of PSP's US Release Lurking Nearby

    Just in case anyone had doubts that Phantasy Star Portable would decend upon the US market after its impressive launch in Japan, we've heard from sources that an official announcement is on the way. No further information has been passed on to us yet, but it sounds like Sega of America is gearing up for a US release of the title and that we can expect to see an official announcement of some kind in the near future. I guess you could call this an unofficial announcement of the official announcement.

    Be sure to keep an eye on PSO-World as we continue to follow the impending announcement and subsequent release of the US version of Phantasy Star Portable. Also, be sure to visit the PSP Forum to chat with other PSO-Worlders about this latest Phantasy Star title!
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    1. likealolita's Avatar
      likealolita -
      I'm not the biggest fan of Phantasy Star Universe, but I've played the demo of the PSP version of it and it actually seems to be "more at home" on Sony's handheld wonder.
    1. RadXXL's Avatar
      RadXXL -
      So, time to sell the import?
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      It might be an idea, but I'm a silly person when it comes to Phantasy Star (online/universe) games. I tend to get the import, and then I also get the domestic release. Been that way since the first Dreamcast release. I still have my import copies.
    1. Masaru's Avatar
      Masaru -
      This is so exciting! To even think that PSP might come out here is a small dream come true.
      I plan on getting it whole-heartedly. After playing the demo for a while, I decided I liked it. I only wished it was in English so that I could read it better, but that was a minor nuisance.
      If an English version of the demo is released, I'll be replacing the Japanese one on my PSP. But I'll keep it anyway. I can only hope that it comes to us soon....
    1. Chris28's Avatar
      Chris28 -
      So would it be safe to go buy my first PSP now?
    1. S-T-H's Avatar
      S-T-H -
      You may want to wait just a bit. Sony is going to release a new model within the next several weeks (3000 series). Most notably, it has a much better screen. They're going to premiere it with a couple of rather nice bundles, but it'll also be sold alone for the same price as usual. Here's a press release about it:
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