• Phantasy Star Zero Dated

    According to a recent homepage update, Sega will be releasing Phantasy Star Zero to Japan on December 25th of this year.* That's only three months away! Compared with PSP, the announcement and ship dates for this title are quite close.
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    1. likealolita's Avatar
      likealolita -
      Sweet! It's (almost) import time!
    1. ForceOfBrokenGlass's Avatar
      ForceOfBrokenGlass -
      I dunno. Either this game had been in the making for some time, or they meant to say it will be released on December 25th of next year.
    1. Yggdrasill's Avatar
      Yggdrasill -
      I'm pretty sure that this game has been in the make for quite some time now. The only thing I want is a US release date, so I can import it =)
    1. Illuminate's Avatar
      Illuminate -
      I certainly hope not. xD It looks awesome. I hope it has the outfit system from PSU. :O
      And better customization than the SEGA staff uses when they take the snapshots. LOL
    1. Risingsun's Avatar
      Risingsun -
      I'm also really hoping for a decent customization system for our in game characters. They did confirm Character Creation right?
    1. Yggdrasill's Avatar
      Yggdrasill -
      As far as I know, Character creation is included. Now let's hope that you can customize a lot.
    1. shad0w380's Avatar
      shad0w380 -
      Well its kool that they made it come out so early it hink or they have been working on it for some time .
      but does anyone know when the reles date for the american version comes out? If u know plz tell me
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