• Famitsu Review Score for Phantasy Star Zero

    Famitsu Review Score for Phantasy Star Zero Famitsu reviewers have given Phantasy Star Zero a rating of 33 (8/8/9/ on its 40 point scale. The game was praised for its simple controls, high-tempo combat, and online mode. According to the review, "it really feels like an online game in the palm of your hand." It also goes on to state that players can expect to spend a 'sizable' amount of time leveling and looking for rares. The only major criticism seems to be the perceived softness of the sound.

    Here is a recap of Famitsu scores for Phantasy Star games:
    • Phantasy Star Zero - 33/40
    • Phantasy Star Portable - 33/40
    • Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1 and 2 - 35/40
    • Phantasy Star Universe - 35/40
    Credit goes to RisingSun for compiling the Phantasy Star game scores. You can share your opinion of this score and read additional reviews in this forum thread.
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    1. likealolita's Avatar
      likealolita -
      Ha ha, indeed.
      Man, I can't wait for this game!
    1. Blueblur's Avatar
      Blueblur -
      Let's not forget Blueblur and Percival!
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Famitsu love their Phantasy star games. All i care about is the fact that PS0 won't suck hard. like Sonic Team's other endevors, and according to Famitsu it dosen't. what a relief. i wonder what they mean by "softness": low volume, or lame and boring sound.
    1. AkumuSky's Avatar
      AkumuSky -
      *commenting on above comment*
      Believe the term Softness used for music is often identified as to "Quiet" or Light hearted (cheery music)... meaning in more easily understood... your probably going into the options menu and tweaking the settings.
      This is good news to be hearing... considering I'm picking up a DS or a PSP soon.
    1. Heinekev's Avatar
      Heinekev -
      I'll be in Tokyo from Dec 26 through Jan 7, after seeing this review, definitely on my list of things to bring back with me.
    1. Kylie's Avatar
      Kylie -
      PSU got a higher score? ...that's kind of frightening. XD
    1. SubstanceD's Avatar
      SubstanceD -
      Well so far so good, 33/40 is actually a pretty good score. Shame I no longer put much faith in Famitsu's review scores. And as others have pointed, technically PSU got a higher score than Phantasy Star Zero. Still, I read the translated review and it seems to be very thorough, I liked alot of what I heard. I really want this game to be awesome but I'm afraid to keep my expectations too high. Untill I play it for myself I'm just going to have to ignore all the hype.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      Why is that? PSU is amazing...
    1. bns1991's Avatar
      bns1991 -
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