• Phantasy Star Zero (JP) Orders Shipping

    If you're a die-hard Phantasy Star fan with a pre-order for the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Zero, you might be in for an early Christmas present. Several reports have come in that import retailer PlayAsia started shipping pre-ordered copies of the game to customers in the US on Friday. While this may just be an attempt to make sure the games arrive as close to release day as possible, some lucky folks may just be getting their copies before their Japanese counterparts do. Pre-orders are still being taken, for those of you still interested in getting some play time before the US release. Stay tuned to PSO-World as we continue to add features and information to support this title, and feel free to drop by the Phantasy Star Zero forum to join in on the latest discussions!
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    1. jShazBot's Avatar
      jShazBot -
      I can't wait to pirate this game before or right when it comes out!
    1. SStrikerR's Avatar
      SStrikerR -
      This is the DS Phantasy Star game, not the PSP one.
      Not to mention it's probably this one.
    1. likealolita's Avatar
      likealolita -
      Lucky! I actually "only" placed my order for it today.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Orders from the Sega store have shipped today.
    1. Fang_Uchiha's Avatar
      Fang_Uchiha -
      i getting mines friday afternoon lol its cool but i can't read Japanese
    1. likealolita's Avatar
      likealolita -
      Cool, I got mine today!
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