• More Details on Japan's Upcoming AOTI Supplemental Update

    SonicTeam updated their website for Japan's upcoming AOTI supplemental update with further details on some previously announced features. Here's a brief synopsis of the recent additions.

    • The capacity of the common box will be increased to 100 items from the current limit of 32.
    • The item delivery function available at select NPC vendors will be replaced with direct access to your common box from the vendor.
    • A function will be added to partner cards to allow players to transport directly to another player's room from their card.
    • The current list of online status indicators will be replaced with the ability to create your own indicators. Furthermore, your current online status will appear on your partner card.
    • The optional billing additions known previously as "PSU Tickets" are now known as "GUARDIANS Cash."
    • All PS2 users will have access to the system file upgrades offered by this update, but they will not receive visual upgrades for new items. However, new items will be available to PS2 users. These items will simply use existing in-game visuals, though the names, descriptions and stats will be unique.

    For further details on these recent additions as well as to voice your thoughts and opinions on this upcoming update for the Japanese PC/PS2 servers, check out this thread at the forum!

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    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Not bad so far. Nothing dramatic, but I think will make things more accessible to players. Sega will have to work hard on GUARDIANS Cash aspect - many are still not very supportive of it. ;]
    1. garjian's Avatar
      garjian -
      hmmm... can you go to your own room as easily?
    1. _Vyser_'s Avatar
      _Vyser_ -
      The fact that I wont have to go to my room to change equipment is a massive plus for me! No more 55/60 T^T
    1. Zabrio's Avatar
      Zabrio -
      I'm liking everything except the whole "Guardians Cash" thing. Should make things easier for when your doing runs, so you don't have to make bank runs every 4 or 5 times
    1. jShazBot's Avatar
      jShazBot -
      Not bad SEGA. Not bad at all...
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Custom status indicators, sweet! Now i can set my self to "Status: Drunk"
    1. HOMERUN09's Avatar
      HOMERUN09 -
      sweet, now i can add more and more stacks of PA Frags to my common box without having to change names to store them, lol.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      Awesome! I wonder when we'll get these updates?
    1. Totori's Avatar
      Totori -
      Yeah this is really great I'm starting to like the GUARDIANS cash now ps2 users don't really miss out on the new weapons they can still get them XD that's nice but.......I really reallly doubt 360 will get this
    1. SJW89's Avatar
      SJW89 -
      FINALLY the online status creation is true! Everyone will use it now!
      I am so freakin' happy! I also await the 100 common box items.
    1. Brainwrecked's Avatar
      Brainwrecked -
      I'm a little apprehensive on the common box update. Upping the storage limit is way overdue, but the switch from a delivery system to direct access seems to be Sega's work-around for the stacking glitch. Yeah, it was laughably ridiculous to see Im-photon 1, Im-photon 2, Im-photon 1 when I first used the current delivery system. But I quickly saw the usefulness in this -- storing stacks of items that had reached their limit of 99. I'm sure it's not what Sega intended in the least. I'm sure that Sega would rather have access items in circulation through the player shop system. But some items that can't be sold -- like Zonspheres (I know) and PA Frags (I think) -- leave you little choice.
    1. watashiwa's Avatar
      watashiwa -
      What is your reasoning behind this?
      Are you forgetting that:
      A) This update has only been announced for the Japanese servers, so far, which only have PS2/PC.
      B) The international 360 version of the game has the largest base of users, even out numbering the Japanese PS2/PC version?
      It goes without even questioning that the 360 version of the game WILL get this should this patch EVER come stateside. You can best believe they won't do a stateside PS2/PC patch and not do a 360 one with the same stuff. Since the 360 version actually brings them in the most money.
    1. Imatron_'s Avatar
      Imatron_ -
      Well, Im not sure I like the idea of the guardians cash, but we'll probabl need to find out more about what it does and how it works. If it's a once a month bonus that works with everything during that period, I might buy in, but if were buying the equivelant of "microsoft points" for psu, buying points with no monetary value to spend inside the game seems like an unwanted addon.
      Given the choice, I wouldnt put in this sort of microtransaction system into the game since its already a pay to play, but I just might take advantage of it when/if it comes stateside if it's reasonable, and enables me to finnaly afford weapons on par with my levels...Honestly Ive had the game running online stateside since the first day it came out and people who have played for a month are far richer and better equiped.
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