• English PSP Demo Now Available

    An English version of the Phantasy Star Portable demo is now available at the Playstation Store! Players will be able to create a character, play through the first mission, and try out several missions in multi-mode. Also, a few PSP-exclusive weapons are available in the demo as rare drops. The demo is 272 MB and is rated E for everyone.

    Credit goes to RisingSun for bringing us this news. You can share your impressions of the demo in this PSO-World forum thread.

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    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      I wonder if it's any diffrent from the Japanese version. there only one way to find out...download it!
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      you guys have fun! I have a DS and am waiting for PS0, but I am glad that PSP demo is out! I am sure you will all love it!!
    1. aanoi's Avatar
      aanoi -
      This week has bee fantastic for me too! A Gigposter commission for 'Slightly Stoopid', Poster for a play going on at the University of Tampa, Resigning a water utility company logo & website, ordered 2 anime figures, and now!, English Phantasy Star Portable!<3 Thank you!
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      It was fun. I'll be glad when I get the full game. Is there any point in keeping my char from this demo?
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      You can transfer everything you have in the demo to the full version.
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      Dose anyone know if psu portable will be online(infrastructure mode) much like pus aoi is, or if it just will be psp to psp (add hock mode)?
    1. xithtor's Avatar
      xithtor -
      Can some plz give me the direct link to download it cuz im retarded and cant find it n e where????
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      The only place I know of is the PSN store. I downloaded it on my PS3, then transferred it to my PSP. If you have a PS3 do that, if not then I don't know what to tell you.
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      Ok what you need to do is 1 of 2 things if you psp has the latest firm ware up date then you can access the PlayStation store from there assuming you have an account for it.Then under the psp demo section should be psu portable. If not you will have to go to the PlayStation store on the pc and download it from there directly to your psp. Again that is if you have a PlayStation account set up, if not then create one so you can download it! Of course you can do this from the PS3 as well like HammerHeart said. Well good luck! heres the link (http://www.us.playstation.com/PSN/mediamanager)
    1. jShazBot's Avatar
      jShazBot -
      Is it true you can connect PSP to the PC and PS2 versions to transfer characters?
      Is PSP even that great? It's just PSU minus online play right? That's all I seemed to notice when I played the Japanese demo around the time of it's release. :/
      I have PSZ and I'm already kinda bored. >_> Probably because I don't understand a word of it.
    1. Lonigan's Avatar
      Lonigan -
      The demo keeps on timing out on download from the PSN store (via PSP)! How blood curdingly irritating!
    1. Uber_Noob's Avatar
      Uber_Noob -
      timed out for me too,i had to wait untill night to download,less internet traffic
    1. Izurusuke's Avatar
      Izurusuke -
      As far as I know, you can't transfer any characters between PC/PS2 to PSP- I believe they took this out for the English version.
      Also, It's only ad hoc- You can play with other people with Ad-hoc party but you need a PS3 to do this- You can download it through the Japanese PSN store.
      Finally, I had no problems downloading it directly to my PSP but you need to make sure you have about 550 MB of free space on your Memory Stick becuase it needs that much to download AND install it.
    1. nsonic's Avatar
      nsonic -
      It had a level cap and everything but by the time the actual game came out, I'd played the demo so much and save so much money I had no problems buying whatever I wanted. Can't wait to have a head start on this game.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      How do I keep playing the demo? It only let me go through the 2 missions and won't let me do anything else.
    1. PSO fan 360's Avatar
      PSO fan 360 -
      ya but you can only get lvl 20 on it thou
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      Was wondering if anyone knows where to get the program to to add hock mode from your psp to PS3? So I can play this game with others once it comes out!
    1. packerfan01's Avatar
      packerfan01 -
      does anyone know if we will be able to go to peoples store or have a store of our own like on xbox 360
      please repond if anyone knows
      thanks pack
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      No, that's not something you can do in this game.
    1. Omega-chan's Avatar
      Omega-chan -
      You can only do Story Mode once. Then you have to go to Multi Mode (press the right arrow button on the Story Mode screen) and you can do a few select missions there.
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