• New Phantasy Star Portable Weapons Screenshots

    In anticipation of next week's Phantasy Star Portable release, Sega of America was nice enough to provide PSO-World.com with exclusive screenshots of some of the awesome new weapons that will be appearing in the game! This collection includes three weapons from the Phantasy Star Online series, along with two brand new weapon designs! Scroll down to check out pictures and information for these weapons. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see larger versions!

    Demolition Comet
    Demolition Comet

    Elec Distortion
    Elec Distortion
    Type: Double Saber
    Description: A double blade that slashes enemies with countless photon blades. No one can escape its death blow.
    Type: Saber
    Description: A single-handed blade used by a certain Guardian who loved music. Old fogeys don't appreciate a raging electric guitar.

    Lavis Cannon
    Lavis Cannon

    Skull Sorcerer
    Skull Sorcerer
    Type: Saber
    Description: A single-handed blade so rarely seen, it is shrouded in mystery. Its abilities are equally unknown.
    Type: Rifle
    Description: A wicked rifle said to be possessed by the dead. Death will visit all who stand before it.

    Twinkle Star
    Twinkle Star
    Type: Wand
    Description: A wand with star-shaped amplifiers at both ends. Its cute design makes it a popular accessory, too.

    Many thanks goes to Sega of America and RubyEclipse for providing these screenshots. Remember to visit PSO-World.com for all the latest Phantasy Star Portable news! Feel free to discuss the new pics over in our Phantasy Star Portable forum.

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    1. xXTortugaXx's Avatar
      xXTortugaXx -
      i agree i want the demolition comet back! PSO weapons FTW
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Hmm... Time to die by my face-melting guitar solo!
    1. darkante's Avatar
      darkante -
      Kinda wished that i had a PSP with PSP, seeing all those nice weapons. :/
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Why is the Guitar a Saber. everyone knows guitars are axes.
    1. Darius_Drake's Avatar
      Darius_Drake -
      So I must be the only one who wants that skull sorcerer.
    1. Darius_Drake's Avatar
      Darius_Drake -
      I feel you. Anga Redda would look so right with that weapon.
    1. Some Guy's Avatar
      Some Guy -
      The Skull sorcerer looks like a kaybalde out of kingdom hearts, they all look cool tho
    1. darkante's Avatar
      darkante -
      No, you´re not alone. It looks really neat.
    1. Gobolino's Avatar
      Gobolino -
      I loved how demolition comet looks like. I really want that wep but on PSU
    1. Tetsaru's Avatar
      Tetsaru -
      I would LOVE to have that Skull Sorceror... and it DOES look like a Keyblade, lol. XD
      See, it's these cool, GOOD weapons like these that need to be in PSU, not just in some crappy handheld port. And they need to have special abilities, sound effects, and animations too. If Segac could do it in PSO, then why the hell can't they do it in PSU?
    1. ThEoRy's Avatar
      ThEoRy -
      Yeah but is the demolition comet going to have it's old school animation? I doubt it. It used to extend ala monkey king bar while the crystals on the outside would appear and then rip enemies to shreds. We'll prolly get gypped though just like we did with the psycho wand in that regard.
    1. AkumuSky's Avatar
      AkumuSky -
      Lavis Cannon?!
      wooooo! Do i get the feeling that the Double Cannon might be making a re-appearence?! Dear lord i hope so. Was my favorite weapon from PSO. pain in the butt to make... but it was excellent.
    1. ANIMEniac's Avatar
      ANIMEniac -
      +10 for trueness
    1. ANIMEniac's Avatar
      ANIMEniac -
      i spent the last 7 months of my PSO career looking for the Lavis cannon, as much as i am happy to see this, i know that when it hits PSU the hunt will continue
    1. RubyEclipse's Avatar
      RubyEclipse -
      The Demolition Comet works just like it did in PSO. The crystals remain hidden until you swing.
    1. Tekknight's Avatar
      Tekknight -
      I was always partial to the Ancient Saber myself. The look, AND the hidden special ability!
    1. Kaioken's Avatar
      Kaioken -
      When the old Xbox 1st got PSO I'm sure I had to be in the top 10 bracket of players who found the Demolition Comet 1st. My section ID was Redria and it droped off the rare red slime in the Caves 2. EVERYTIME I joined a run people were like, "Holy@$%^ what the heck is that?!!" The Demolition Comet was without a doubt my favorite double saber from PSO (Stag Cutlery being 2nd because of the whole Darth Maul look). It extended when you attacked with it and had a MUCH deeper, darker sound effect like the Crea Doubles do now. I'd like to see these weapons port over to PSU but only if they come back EXACTLY the way they did in PSO.
    1. VertigoZero's Avatar
      VertigoZero -
      Aww lavis cannon, I loved that weapon in PSO. Red saber was one of my favs. I would like to have it on the console.
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