• GUARDIANS Cash Introduced in Japan

    Thursday, June 4 marked the introduction of a brand new in-game currency to the Japanese PC/PS2 servers. Dubbed "GUARDIANS Cash," this optional service allows players to purchase varying quantities of GC to gain access to exclusive missions with various bonuses and rewards. (For details on the cost of GC, please see this post.) Currently, only two GC missions have been released: "Legacy of the Light" and "Entrusted Defense." "Legacy of the Light" offers players a chance of obtaining drops from LV175 enemies, but also a variety of new weapons from boxes within the mission. The include the likes of Soul Eater, Rocket Punchers, Motav Prophecy and more. The second mission, "Entrusted Defense," places players in a VR simulation of an enemy invasion at GUARDIANS HQ. This mission offers players a 350% EXP boost as well as a boost to PA EXP payout.


    Along with these two missions came a new exchange mission called "Photon Crystal Exchange." Here players can compress Photon Drops (received from GC missions) into Photon Crystals and trade these crystals for different weapons and even clothes and parts. Of note, replica sets of the GH410 and GH480's clothing are available.


    Despite some players enjoying the new missions and items, the introduction of the GUARDIANS Cash system to the Japanese servers has received a lot of flak from both the Japanese and the English communities alike. English GMs have stated that the GC system has not been confirmed for an English version release, but all feedback is welcome as it can help determine what is best for the community as far as this content goes. If you would like to jump in on the discussion and leave your thoughts on the system, please feel free to do so at the forum. But, please remember to keep your posts clean and on-topic!

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    1. tyler2zelda's Avatar
      tyler2zelda -
      Oh wow, I see what they did there.
      Guardian's Cash = GC = GameCube (where PDs really kicked off).
      Photon Drops = Special Currency = Original PSO Economy.
      Photon Drops = Photon Crystals = Gallon's Shop.
      Photon Crystals = Photon Crystal Exchange = Black Paper's Deal.
      WE'RE GOINNN BAACCCKKKK TO THE FUTUREEEEE... (or even Towards the Future).
    1. EspioKaos's Avatar
      EspioKaos -
      The cap is only LV180 on the JP side... I'm not quite sure where you got 210.
    1. Nv BigPapa vD's Avatar
      Nv BigPapa vD -
      Not too sure how good this will work, but i guess we will see when and if this comes to us...and i do think that the level cap should be same as japan to make it fair, or make the monsters a lower level to accommodate for our lower level cap...
    1. Rapping Rappy's Avatar
      Rapping Rappy -
      Ok I was told by many gamers that Japans cap was 210 I stand corrected,But still think the same way about meeting Japans cap or lowering the monsters to even out the fighting,If they did do so I would try it out.
    1. zakura blade's Avatar
      zakura blade -
      id pay if need be but i no most will not fact is psu is not haf is big in the usa as it is in japan there for i say if there gnna bring it out just give it to us for free but thay have to bring it out otherwise thats just unfare when push comes to to ill say onething if thay dont bring this out here ill quit
    1. zakura blade's Avatar
      zakura blade -
      or better yet sell psu cash at gamecrazy or gamestop just like micro points that way ppl can buy it easy insted of worrying about there cred card if sega can do that then thay may have a slim shot of staying in the game if not mise well just give up............sorry for posting 2 times ty
    1. AfromenEntertainment's Avatar
      AfromenEntertainment -
      Well this is retarted, cause look the new people who start can pay a few extra bucks and get the same level as everyone else...i dont like it, and i surly hope we dont get it...i already pay $9.99 a month for no new content....lol, why would we pay more? to do 1 mission, wow id rather pay for an expansion before paying for this...
    1. aramil1986's Avatar
      aramil1986 -
      I think its a bad idea, I mean we already are barely pushing a full sever even on weekends when there iisn't an even going on, and now your going to ask your few remaining fans to pay even more money if they want to get good stuff? Oh and the extra exp and pa boost thing isn;t enough to sell it because I mean like someone else said, you get a new char and pay alittle more and you can get right up there with the best of us, with half the work. I think its a bad idea, they sould just come out with the stuff as rare items and leave us payin 10 bucks a month when we rarely get new stuff anyways.
    1. zakura blade's Avatar
      zakura blade -
      you are very right what i dont get is why do thous ppl pay for psu but only play during an evant way bother at all i feel sad that theres less ppl playing but hell im just one person wish i can do more to bring ppl back
    1. C0ldChaos's Avatar
      C0ldChaos -
      wow like everyone else said we pay 10$ a month for barely any new content and now they want more money for 1 or 2 missions with new gear? Fail, ive been playing this since dreamcast and i wont even pay for that bs.
    1. TwistedDragon's Avatar
      TwistedDragon -
      Wow this is a horrible idea, the people who have money are going to spam it and have all the good stuff.
    1. PhillyNUPE's Avatar
      PhillyNUPE -
      I agree with many of you...we already pay for a game where the last true game content was 'ambition of the luminous' itself...the new weapons, armors, and content are too far a few in between...the economy is thrown out of wack big time and white beast is the only mission people play...adding this idea of guardian cash is bogus...PSU will lose more people in the US that they think they will get...the true society we live in with "haves and have nots" will feed over into the game taking all of the fun out of it...all it will take is rich, wealthy, or people with decent money in real life to buy up these missions, get these new weapons, armors, etc. and sell them for RIDICULOUS prices...PSU only has the Leo server full on a very good day...if GC comes to the US...PSU will have 1 star on Leo full on a GREAT day...
    1. Konekochan07's Avatar
      Konekochan07 -
      GC is a bad idea. There is no point paying extra to play a mission for the CHANCE of getting something decent.
    1. Persan 47's Avatar
      Persan 47 -
      I say this is a good idea because it just might make ppl think that they gotta go out there get a better job and earn more money so you wont be stuck with a job u h8 and low on money i can only see good things about GC but its also so that if GC is going to work at all we NEED more missions still ppl r playing white beast when we have S3. I gotta say PSU have turned in to a boring community and its because a lot of ppl r tired about white beast and then they either stop playing or just sit on 4th floor guardians colony. i wuld say PSU NEED more challangeing missions because u can easily solo all the missions with only a decent pallete and a new class to make GC work because u cant be stuck playing GC then u will eventually get broke IRL so we need GC and a lot more missions, classes etc. etc.
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