• Phantasy Star II Selling Poorly on XBLA

    On June 11th, Phantasy Star II was among several games released by Sega on the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA). Based on an analysis conducted by gamesetwatch.com, the game is selling poorly when compared to other Sega Genesis XBLA games. For the June 2009 period, only 5,100 Phantasy Star II players were on the Leaderboards. This is in comparison to Sonic 3's 30,500 players and Gunstar Heroes 9,000 players. This has lead to speculation that Sega of America may not release the rest of the Phantasy Star collection on XBLA.
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    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      5,100 people purchased PS II in 2009? That is great! I am not disappointed by those numbers at all! Especially when emulators and roms have taken most players out of the purchasing circuit! Keep releasing PS games pleease! The audience is there!
    1. DaMan's Avatar
      DaMan -
      I'm right with Akaimizu because I also have the disc and out of all the Genesis games released the only thing I purchased this spring was stuff that was NOT on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.
      why pay more for a game I already have. Individual achievements are nice, but not that important to me.
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