• Ambition of the Illuminus to be Required for Server Access in Japan

    As announced on the official Japanese PSU website, Sonic Team will be pulling support for the original PC and PS2 PSU clients starting on October 1st. From this point forward, players will need to have access to the expansion to continue to play online.


    It will have been a full three years since the first version of the game had released in Japan. However, after the expansion's release a year later, almost all of the new content requires AOTI to play. In a similar fashion, there are very few users that actively play the original, so the effects will be minimal on the population.


    Since late last year, Sonic Team has been offering Japanese players downloadable versions of both PSU and AOTI at minimal cost. The pricing for each is about equivalent to a month of service. In part, this was an attempt to switch more users over to the PC version from the PS2 version. Now, it may also provide a smooth transition for those players still using the original to connect.


    Currently, there are no announcements in regards to requiring AOTI for Xbox 360 or international PC and PS2 players.

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    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Now, will this happen on US/EU side also? I feel sorry for those I met online still playing v1. They miss out quite a lot.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      It always surprises me when I see people still playing the original. Most of the good stuff is on AotI. It's not like the expansion is expenisive either (it's cheap on PC anyway), but I know it's kinda hard to come by. Through Amazon and Ebay they're easy to obtain...
    1. OrangeTippedGun's Avatar
      OrangeTippedGun -
      Funny. When I enjoyed PSU the most it was before AoI came out. After I upgraded to AoI the game started getting less and less fun for me.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      Also I read over the above section again and read this:
      "Since late last year, Sonic Team has been offering Japanese players downloadable versions of both PSU and AOTI at minimal cost. The pricing for each is about equivalent to a month of service."
      @Sonic Team/Sega. I (and I'm sure thousands others) strongly suggest you do that over here. I can bet that so many more people would play the game, and it would be easier for the people upgrading to AotI, because instead of hunting down a copy you can just get it with a simple download. It's a pretty big file, and I realize that would take awhile to download, but its still easier than finding a physical disc. Also, keep it cheap like in Japan. You do that, and I'm sure you'd see an increase (maybe not huge, but an increase none the less) in players playing PSU. This game is awesome, very underrated, and more people would give it a chance if it was cheap and easy to get. And Sega... you're welcome.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      I've heard some people say that. I played Phantasy Star Online a ton and by the time PSU came out I was burnt out on MMORPG games (I also played Guild Wars and WoW). So I actually didn't start playing the game until June '08. I just figured that AoI was better because most of the missions I play and most of the items I hunt/lust for are AoI only... I guess I can't speak for the original PSU players. I regret not starting it when it first came out, too. I had a copy preordered and everything, but didn't even open it until a year and a half later. Glad I'm playing now, though.
    1. Finalzone's Avatar
      Finalzone -
      Why not releasing PSU bundle (Both original which contains Ethan Waber story and AOTI) similar to company (SquareEnix comes in mind) AFAIK, there are still unlocked data from original. I think Sonic Team also needs to sync with oversea and ask international user for feedback. The game needs more urban explorations.
    1. King Death's Avatar
      King Death -
      Im on Xbox 360 and this is happening to me, thier probably not going to come and fix me up, I miss playing psu so much : (
    1. xSEGAxMANx's Avatar
      xSEGAxMANx -
      well good news and bad news for you! when the supplemental update comes out: "players who have prieviously discontinued their guardians license, can come back onto PSu free of charge! bad news time... you probably WONT be able to play as the same character you once had... you really wont be able to do ANYTHING, except missions (but very few). so if you quit stay off the game cuz it would just be coming back to see all of your friends.
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