• Phantasy Star Portable Sequel Hinted At

    On October 8, 2009, Sega of Japan will release a budget edition of Phantasy Star Portable. This edition include the original Phantasy Star Portable game and a 63 minute video UMD. According to a promotional poster that was just released, the video UMD will cover the Phantasy Star Universe storyline and contain the following chapters:

    • Chapter 1: Seed
    • Chatper 2: Ambition of the Illuminus
    • Chapter 3: Rykros Sealed
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Opening Video
    No other details have been announced yet for Phantasy Star Portable 2. However, given the record sales the original game experienced in Japan, a sequel should not come as a surprise.

    Credit goes to MrPow for bringing us this news. You can discuss this development in this forum thread.

    Update: The linked promotional poster mentions a scheduled winter release for the sequel. *It also appears to confirm save file transfer from the original.

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    1. Arika's Avatar
      Arika -
      PSPo-2? I thought SEGA already plan to make a new series instead...
      oh well, PSPo-1were sold quite well. I guess they gonna concentrate on Portable instead of main online game from now :/
    1. Rei-San's Avatar
      Rei-San -
      Hinted? More like flat out told us. :/
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      What areas are they gonna use? I didn't play PS:P alot because I've played, and continue to play, PSU so much that I don't need to spend more money and time on another portable version in the same areas. I'm glad I have PS:P, though. When I go somewhere and feel like getting my PSU fix it's great. I'm hoping for the PSU/PSP system, but with whole new areas/missions.
      Maybe there's an expansion coming out for PSU and they're not telling us and they're using those areas... (This is just wishful thinking). I would like a PSU expansion to come out that has the 4 original PSO areas (and obviously new areas too), but with the PSU goodies. That'd be a cream dream for me.
    1. OrangeTippedGun's Avatar
      OrangeTippedGun -
      Cream dreams are my favorite.
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