• Sega Wants Suggestions for JRPG Group Name

    Sega of America is currently soliciting feedback on names that could be used to identify fans of the company's classic Japanese Role-Playing games. These classic games include Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Skies of Arcadia, and Valkyria Chronicles. Here is the text for the blog entry:

    "Today, we’d like to get your thoughts. SEGA is potentially going to be grouping together fans of our JRPG’s (like the games listed above), and we’d like to give said group a bit of identity. What’s in a name? Well - just about everything!

    If you had to pick something fairly short and sweet to speak to what SEGA’s best RPG’s are all about, what would it be? Right now, we’d like to get feedback on this name SEGA Heroes.

    Does the term “Heroes” fit the bill and speak to all of our best Japanese RPG’s? We’re looking for a name that is short and sweet, general enough that it can apply to all our RPG’s, and still sounds about as awesome as a plate of hotcakes in the morning."

    Would Classic Phantasy Star fans like to be known as Sega Heroes? If you have a suggestion or would like to offer feedback, be sure to post on the blog page.
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    1. qu35t3rn's Avatar
      qu35t3rn -
      What... the hell did I just read??
      ROFL! I guess they didn't want us to be called "loyal customers" anymore!
    1. ZyphNeko's Avatar
      ZyphNeko -
      Hmm. Interesting. We should have a theme song for those classic Phantasy Star players. ? What comes up, goes right down, because they are failing now~. Blah blah blah~. SEGA HEROES~~~, SEGA HEROES~~~..." Neko~
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      I think the name Sega Heroes sounds kinda, Idc.. corny?
      How about... "Fans of Sega's games that are RPGs or have in some way RPG elements and they spend way too much time with said games but enjoy them so what are you gonna do"? What? Too long?
    1. Setku_Desuki's Avatar
      Setku_Desuki -
      How about Sega's Zealots?
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      The one thing I like about Sega Heroes, is that we'd already have our own theme song. You can just take the Sonic Heroes song and put Sega in there.
      Still, I guess they would like to think of JRPGs as being something outside of just Phantasy Star. If they plan to include strategy RPGs in there like the original Shining Force games, I guess they want something a little broader in title. Or even games like a favorite of mine, Skies of Arcadia. Not to mention the awesome Panzer Dragon Saga.
      Keeping it simple sounds good to me. Sega RPG fans would be a pretty good name. It doesn't say anything else but what we are.
    1. ZyphNeko's Avatar
      ZyphNeko -
      "The one thing I like about Sega Heroes, is that we'd already have our own theme song. You can just take the Sonic Heroes song and put Sega in there." That was the idea of my lame joke from my last post. ;< But yeah, that does sound corny. I never even played any of those classic games either (though I would like to try Skies of Arcadia). Neko~
    1. xSEGAxMANx's Avatar
      xSEGAxMANx -
      "Dynasty Of SEGA"? just an idea....
    1. N.E.I's Avatar
      N.E.I -
      how about SEGA LEGENDS short catchy and refers to all the great classics listed
    1. Nomad_2's Avatar
      Nomad_2 -
      Personally, I would go with Sega Sagas. I know it sounds generic but I think it fits and it kind of reminds me of those retro ads* for some reason. I’ve got a general idea of Sega’s RPG library and I can fill in the blanks to the games I have not played. Sega has a wider range than most other JRPG game developers. Sega has: Space (Phantasy Star series), Swords & Sorcery (Shining series), Pirates (Skies of Arcadia), and one set in a World War era (Valkyria Chronicles).

    1. JonnyB's Avatar
      JonnyB -
      How about Sega Phans, because that is what we are. It's short and simple and it's kind of like a insider thing since the average joe will think you are just a "fan". It's also a hats off to phantasy star (never knew why they spelled ''Phantasy" that way) which is one of the best sega series ever, especially IV, and at least for me is the flag ship for sega right now not counting Sonic (I am not going to go into the latest batch of cruddy games released in his name). Anyway, don't pick Sega Heros since anyone who refers to themself as a Sega Hero out loud will sound like a tool.
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