• First English Screenshots Released

    The first English screenshots for Phantasy Star Zero were released today. The 14 screens over at nintendoeverything.com primarily come from the opening, but include a few action shots. The worthplaying website has 40 screenshots. These screenshots consist of a mixture of character creation, NPC interaction, and in-game action sequences. The latter website is definitely worth viewing if you are interested in the English version of Phantasy Star Zero.

    HUcast Character Creation
    HUcast Character Creation courtesy of nintendoeverything.com

    Credit goes to Sayl for providing the nintendoeverything.com link. You can discuss these pictures in this forum thread.

    EDIT: Several unmarked screenshots have been released on Sega of America's Flickr page

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    1. BUM117's Avatar
      BUM117 -
      they say it comes out in 2009 but which month? Can someone tell me when it actually comes out? Thx.
      Shinatore lvl 37 beast.
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      A release date has not been formally announced yet. We just know it will be sometime this winter.
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      Always nice to see. Looking forward for this to come out. Hopefully with online play intact. I know a few friends already, interested in playing. The netcode for the Japanese one seemed pretty decent, and I had fun even playing with randoms. Partly because of the neat and rare stuff I saw, while online.
    1. marklee's Avatar
      marklee -
      Well this is really a good news, I think it would be more fascinating than the existent one.
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