• New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update and User Ratings

    The newest dashboard update (previously mentioned here) is currently going out to all 360 owners as a mandatory upgrade. *As a part of this update, Microsoft is implementing a simple user rating system. It is possible to rate just about any piece of content on the marketplace (as well as retail games) from one to five stars.

    How did Phantasy Star Universe (the original retail disc) and Ambition of the Illuminus (the currently 800 point expansion) rate on your own profiles? Did you focus more on the gameplay, content, or time you've put into the game? *Is it more representative of your current feelings about the game or does it encompass the time that you've played overall? *Do you feel this will offer a more accurate view of the game in comparison to a summary of professional scores or not?

    If you haven't gone ahead to try the user ratings yet, go and check it out. *A simple score may or may not be effective in determining the worth of a game like PSU in comparison to others, but it will still be of interest once enough players have put in their rating.

    8/13 Update:*New functionality has been added to the PC-accessible version of the marketplace. *This includes the ability to see and rate content. *As of about 3 PM PDT, PSU is scoring 4.25/5 with 2245 votes and AOTI is scoring 4.5/5 with 141 votes. *The PSU marketplace page can be found here.

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    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      How can it be a "marketing ploy" ? There are games on there rated at 1 or 2 stars by tons of people. Surely it would have been better for them to not have added the star rating by your logic.
      Personally I think its pretty cool, as long as you only really take into account ratings that have had a high number of feedbacks. Its a reasonable way of getting an idea how good/popular a game is by people that actually play them.
    1. pinkace's Avatar
      pinkace -
      I should have specified that it is a ploy for them to do less research and make us do it for them. The publishers look at that info, PLUS they also look at your gamertag, what games you own, what games you play online, etc. So now not only can they see what games you play most based on achievements, play time and frequency of play, but they get your PERSONAL opinion on what you think of these games as well. it is win-win for them.
    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      More research is good for us. It allows them to tailor content to users. Its allows them to see what companies are making rubbish games. I wouldnt say it was a ploy, as it benefits both the end user and Microsoft. They already know what individuals have downloaded anyway, I really don't consider this a "ploy" when it benefits all parties.
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      User rating system can have positive effect on PSU to attract new comers which has been underrated by media critics. PSU & AOtI has been rated over 4 stars each so far while Sonic the Hedgehog initially launched On Demand is getting 2 stars only, sounds about right to me. Now, just release PSU On Demand on Live.
    1. Yusaku_Kudou's Avatar
      Yusaku_Kudou -
      Rating games based on our opinions isn't bad for us... It might actually help you avoid a bad game in the future. Think outside the corporate paranoia box.
    1. Mozzman's Avatar
      Mozzman -
      If someone wants an accurate rating on this game they should ask a user that has played before the expansion. This game has totally been ruined. Sega only caters to the new ppl making this game like a 100 hour game to have end game content. I am a player from day one. I really doubt that the star rating of a game will actually have players joining this game.
    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      How does the average joe know if a player has played a certain game before an expansion? Most people read reviews of games and go by that. The star system just helps people make a decision based on a number of feedbacks from players. I just see it as another way of finding out if a game is worth my time. PSU seems to have received "average" reviews from the people who have played it. I would say thats pretty accurate as its not as bad a game as some people made out.
      I think if people saw a game was getting a high number of stars from a lot of people, it would influence whether they tried or bought the game. The same goes for rating that are getting a majoiry 1 star rating.
    1. Darklighter's Avatar
      Darklighter -
      Ruined my ass. I could not stand PSU a month after the game came out. If not for the expansion I would never of played this game again.
    1. OrangeTippedGun's Avatar
      OrangeTippedGun -
      The game is broken and you guys just won't let it die in peace.
      Stop paying for it so Sega knows it sucks, they'll shut down, and then just MIGHT quit wasting their time on PSU and start developing an entirely new Phantasy Star game that will do the series justice.
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      Bullshit Propaganda. I love PSU.
    1. zakura blade's Avatar
      zakura blade -
      psu is dead for meny i myself have quit ill give the game some good rep only for the fact i met some very cool ppl along the way but after the Ambition of the Illuminus the game became sady too easy for new ppl hell what took you 2 years to get a new player can get in one week work your butt off just so new players get all the good..........no no +weps if thats good i quit for that fact and becuse all the re skin monsters re skin levs and +weps get old after playing for just about 3 years its not a game thats worth 10$ not when theres better games out there that are free have less lag and better help me i give this game 2 stars pso is and will allways be the best online verson psu........rip
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