• Models Shown for Japan's Item Design Contest Winners


    Some time ago, Sonic Team held an item design contest for PSU fans in Japan. The results have already been announced. As of a recent website update, they are showing what the items will look like in-game. There are separate pages for weapons and clothes. It had been noted the items will be made available to all players (not just those that spend money on GUARDIANS Cash). These items will also be available in Phantasy Star Portable 2.


    The newest longterm schedule for Japan confirmed that items from Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Zero will also be made available in the future to PSU players. *There will even be entirely new items designed by Sonic Team themselves specifically for PSU.


    An ongoing thread in the forums contains more details on this contest and the winning items.

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    1. Rapping Rappy's Avatar
      Rapping Rappy -
      That is a Kakwane a monster on Neudaze can sometimes pack a good wallop but is a very funny room decoration it looks like he has had one to many beers LOL.also can be use to make a Fake Door at the juice Bar on parum hope this helps.Rappy Power and I want a Rappy Room come on Sega give us Gifts from Beyond+ Rappy Rappy Rappy.
    1. ANIMEniac's Avatar
      ANIMEniac -
      sadly, i saw the towel and immediately though... people are gunna put that on and the FIRST emote they will do is a drop kick...
    1. SabZero's Avatar
      SabZero -
      I'm sure there is a bikini bottom underneath. At least i hope so. In any case, whether it's pink or blue pixels, it's just pixels.
      I actually think the towels are kind of cute. Maybe not on the battle field, heh.
      Kakwane suit = want!
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      I'm all about that power ranger suit. GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!
    1. Omega369's Avatar
      Omega369 -
      When are these items coming out?
    1. Finalzone's Avatar
      Finalzone -
      Except that Choudenshi Bioman inspired Power Ranger. =p
    1. SuicideMorning's Avatar
      SuicideMorning -
      Oh,i just joined the forums.......is this coming out in the US PSU anytime soon?
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