• The Nintendo DSi LL

    A very recent rumor has been confirmed by way of an announcement which Nintendo has made today in Japan.

    They will be releasing a version of the Nintendo DS featuring by far the largest screens of any model currently available. *Instead of 3" (DS/DS Lite) or 3.25" (DSi), this new model will feature dual 4.2" screens. *Additional dimensions (including a picture of the larger, bundled stylus) can be found here. *The system is slated to go on sale in Japan starting on November 21st for*20,000 (about $220). *It will include three DSiWare titles and be available in three colors.

    For reference, the competing PlayStation Portable has a 4.3" display. *The PSP Go features a 3.8" display.

    Phantasy Star Zero will be available in English for the Nintendo DS in under two weeks. *What model will you be playing it on?*

    Official Japanese Homepage

    Update:*Nintendo has announced the "Nintendo DSi XL" for North America and Europe. *It will be released first quarter next year.

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    1. DreXxiN's Avatar
      DreXxiN -
      Same low-reso games and textures on a bigger screen? No thanks.
      Companies are for making big bucks, period, and Nintendo are geniuses at doing it.
    1. SubstanceD's Avatar
      SubstanceD -
      Do we really need another version of the DS? It feels like just yesterday that Nintendo released the DSi. At the rate that Nintendo are going their new DS with a 4.2" screen will be replaced with a new DS by this time next year.
      I'm going to stick with my DS Lite, as it stands I hardly ever play the thing anyway.
    1. lcronovt's Avatar
      lcronovt -
      OLD BIG DS 4ever! & DSLite.
      My wallet has not inoff money to spend in a new DS each year! and de DSiLL is bigger than the DSi and DSLite.
      I'm fine with my sister old big DS and my own DSLite to play PS0.
    1. Allison_W's Avatar
      Allison_W -
      Considering they're making money hand over fist on these things I'm pretty sure they're milking it and for good reason.
    1. Blue-Hawk's Avatar
      Blue-Hawk -
      Well, the brown is a different idea for a color. No one seems to have done that yet. Might save for one myself to replace my DS light with a cracked hinge.
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      I've had my regular old DS since it's release years ago. Why waste money on another model (Lite/DSi/LL) when mine is working just fine?
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      I'll still be playing on the DSi and DSlite models I have. They work fine for me. The bigger screen is one thing, but the resolution of the DS doesn't make bigger look better. Also, one thing they aren't talking about is how much bigger the unit is. I kind of like the size of the Lite and DSi, and don't want anything bigger than that.
    1. Rei-San's Avatar
      Rei-San -
      No thank you. If this was a new DSI that was backwards compatible with the GBA, then maybe.
    1. Whitewarrior52's Avatar
      Whitewarrior52 -
      I didn't bother with the DSi and I'm definitely not going to bother getting this either. I'm sticking with my DS lite and that's it......untill a "NEW" handheld comes out anyways.
    1. Zimbabwe's Avatar
      Zimbabwe -
      Everyone here does know that stretching the screen will only make the low-res graphics appear even larger and worse, right?
    1. Galeohn's Avatar
      Galeohn -
      Well I think what we have to take into consideration is that it's been a lot longer in Japan since the Dsi was released. We always get things later than them when it comes to systems and Japanese games anyway, so I'd say we have a while until it's released at all in North America or anywhere else.
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Heh, I don't mind the new releases, as long as they drop the prices for the older versions so that I can grab one. ;]
    1. Krupp's Avatar
      Krupp -
      This is a shady business practice especially to those of us who just bought the DSi this March.. Way to show loyalty to consumers Nintendo. :/ I now regret buying my DSi. I would have gladly waited for this one. ; ; Since I play so much DS I'd love a bigger screen and more battery life... this is such a shame.
    1. Xv Nox vX's Avatar
      Xv Nox vX -
      On the note of the cracked hinge - if this new model has possibly more reinforced hinges between the two parts, it could be worth noticing; however knowing most companies they might just see it as 'leave it week so it breaks and they buy a new one'
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