• Official Phantasy Star Zero Strategy Guide

    Unlike Phantasy Star Portable, there exists an English strategy guide for Phantasy Star Zero. *The BradyGames guide is shipping this week (a week prior to the game itself) and retails for $17.99. There are, of course, retailers offering it for less.


    Usually, there is no more merchandising for Phantasy Star in the west beyond the games, so this book definitely deserves a mention. *Just as a reminder, we will have expanded information on the game ourselves in the near future. Until then, 144 full-color pages may have to sate the current desire for (organized) English reference material.


    If you've went ahead and obtained the guide, please post your thoughts in the comments section below or in this forum thread.

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    1. HAYABUSA-FMW-'s Avatar
      * There are always those handy dandy websites that scour the Amazon database for things to make up whatever you're missing under the $25 minimum to get free shipping (which comes pretty fast at that). Or combine it with other things you might be looking to buy there, maybe buy 2 of the guides - extra for a friend. Buy it with the game on Amazon, get both shipped free, there you go.
      * Strategy guides with Phantasy Star games are usually more miss than hit no?
      Something fun to look back on misinformation or early strategies and item lists that might be missing some nice end game or rare hunt equipment. And getting more official art is always nice. They'll be rarer later and harder to find as well as even the publisher's websites run out of stock and they may not get more print runs.
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