• adhocParty Announced for North America, Europe, and Others (Update: Now Available)

    Sony has recently announced on their PlayStation blog that adhocParty is coming to North America and other regions in the near future. As in Japan, this will be downloadable at no charge.adhocParty is an application for PlayStation 3 that allows users to play PlayStation Portable titles online. Titles commonly used with the application do not have their own infrastructure modes by default. This system allows players to connect remotely through the adhoc option of their games and play online over the PlayStation Network. This is done by accessing a series of lobbies and rooms. *The system also allows users to communicate using text and voice chat.Many (but not all) WiFi-capable PSP titles are supported by the application. Initially,*Phantasy Star Portable was not compatible with the service in Japan, however support was added soon after adhocParty's release. *It will most likely be supported in the initial release of the application here. Update: adhocParty is now available in North America. Joining it is a system update that adds Facebook features as well as a new look for the friends list.
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