• Phantasy Star Portable 2 to Include Hard Mode

    One of the new features for Phantasy Star Portable 2 will be the inclusion of an extra difficulty level known as Hard Mode. Once you have completed the game on Normal Mode, you will be able to replay Story Missions on Hard Mode. This new difficulty will feature higher-level enemies and presumably better loot. In addition, you will be able to unlock better clothing and items from the NPC shops as you progress in the game.

    Story Mission with Level 53 to 73 Enemies

    Credit goes to WBMike for bringing us this news. You can read additional news from this update in WBMike's forum post.

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    1. SubstanceD's Avatar
      SubstanceD -
      I'm intrigued by this new Hard mode in story mode, it reminds me alot of PSO and it's Hard/Very Hard and Ultimate difficulties. PSU kind of dealt away with the different difficulty levels by replacing them with C, B, A and S rank missions. It also brings up a new question, are C, B, A and S Rank missions still in Phantasy Star Portable 2 or have Sega done away with them in favor of the return of new difficulty levels? Either way I kind of like the idea that there will be better item drops on Hard mode and that item shops will sell better equipment. I am however pissed at the thought that I have to beat the game on normal before I can get access to better clothing, that's just wrong. Why can't we have access to all of the clothing/part options from the gte go?
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