• Phantasy Star Online Paper Mag Model Kits

    MegaZoneXE recently posted about a Japanese website he visited that offers paper models of selected Phantasy Star Online Mags. The models include the basic Mag, Pushan, Sato, and PSO item boxes. If appropriate care is taken while constructing the models, you will be rewarded with a high-quality Mag or item box replica. In order to view the model files from this website, you will need the free Pepakura Viewer. If you decide to build your own Mag model, be sure to take a picture and share the results in this forum thread.

    Example of a Completed Sato

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    1. DEADAIM000's Avatar
      DEADAIM000 -
      AH! I saved it all but i cant change the color of sato to blue. can u explain to me the process, im still new to pepakura, i swear ill post my pictures.
      updated like 2 hours after :
      so i figured it out. i dont no why sato works off the bat but the reason mag pepa file doesnt work is because the name is japanese. just rename the file any english text title like..."mag" derp, and it will work. for ppl who wonder how to change the color . go to settings and texture settings. now choose specific pattern( its this button on the lower half of the new box) and look for the colors in the japanese titled folder. now that uve found those u should see all the colors and try clicking on them. now notice taht it doesnt work. thats because that the colors must be in english to ...and the folder. so rename the folder color derp and the color your gonna use to whateva the hell the name of the color it is. now do that thingy i told u to do and u should have it in new color. if your confused by my stupid speaking i will take time so say things straight but for now i assume u can understand me. ps i finished a red mag. imma make a blue one now.
      ....how do i post picture.?!?!?!?!?
    1. Aki_Yoruno's Avatar
      Aki_Yoruno -
      OK, so I discover this 2 years after it's posted, only to find that the links don't work... I've tried searching for them and no go... Does anyone have the files? I'm dying to make these!
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