• JP AOTI: There's More to Come for 2010!

    An intriguing post was made on the official Japanese Phantasy Star Universe site a few days ago. It seems that another large update is in the works for the Japanese PC/PS2 servers, similar to what was seen earlier this spring. Of note, over 200 completely new items as well as weapons and clothes from previous entries in the Phantasy Star series are planned for release over a period of time. Among other things, some changes are planned for "community course," a way for previous PSU subscribers to continue to play the game (under limited terms) even if their GUARDIANS License has expired.

    The initial implementation of this update (as with the supplemental update, it won't all be released at once, but spread out over a series of updates) is slated to begin in the last few weeks of December, all kicking off with a brand new event: Gurhal's Greatest Battle: GRM vs. Yohmei vs. TENORA! This event is said to take a different approach compared to previous events, but we'll have to wait just a bit longer to see exactly what SonicTeam have up their collective sleeve.

    As with the previous supplemental update, the target platform will be PC, though PS2 users will not be entirely left out. Of course, they will not be able to see the new unique weapons and clothing models added to the game, but PS2 players can still use them. Other new features which do not depend on new graphics will likely be able to be utilized by PS2 players, as well. We'll be keeping an eye on this news as it continues to develop in the coming weeks. In the meantime, join in the ongoing discussion of this update at the forum!

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    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      So why am I playing on the 360 servers? Seems like a waste of money and time considering how far behind we are
    1. Bodus's Avatar
      Bodus -
      sounds like they are planning a free-to-play option, at least for japan, i certainly hope so!
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      Sounds like a very sweet update just what I have been waiting for as I have become board with psu atm, BUT come on st in Japan I am not feeling the love where is this update for the US and when will we be getting it we are so far behind!
    1. ROCKSTEPH's Avatar
      Now that's more like it! Let's just hope that our PSU doesnt die off before we get this update in like... 2 years. If we ever get it that is
    1. Xv Nox vX's Avatar
      Xv Nox vX -
      So it's gonna be aimed towards the PC. PS2 ppl will have the new stuff but it'll look like old stuff. And people playing on the 360 servers will.............????
      PS: say we get new stuff that is actually new looking too plz
    1. Zimbabwe's Avatar
      Zimbabwe -
      OMG You have no idea how much better PSU would be if there was a free-to-play (yet limited) option.
      And if this happens on the Japanese servers then that could possibly mean it would be easier for us nonjaps to perhaps import the game and play online without having to worry about having a Japanese credit card. Could it not?
    1. Proff's Avatar
      Proff -
      I'm sure the 15 or so people that are still playing will enjoy this update. PSU2 on next gen please.
    1. BLACKFOX216's Avatar
      BLACKFOX216 -
      i have been playing for a long time why is sega taking with all the updates.sega please look at the xbox 360 servers there dying off really bad i, see the japan getting everything and its not for the people who's loyal to the game is quiting due to the lack of update's please understand what i am feeling sega you all have to do better than this really
    1. KusanagiShiro's Avatar
      KusanagiShiro -
      Here here, the whole server's just dying off here in the US. Sega's dropping the ball on their server updates here. Plus, GRM vs. Yohmei vs. TENORA WORKS? Why do I get the feeling this is going to be one big bout of corporate warfare? LOL
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