• PSP2: Compensation for Online Issues (Updated Dec. 25)

    SonicTeam just posted details on an upcoming update for Phantasy Star Portable 2 which will correct a few bugs which have been affecting players who play online. A date has not been set for when this fix will be distributed, but once it has been decided, it will be reported on the official site. The following issues will be addressed with this update:

    • Disappearing/changing room decorations
    • Compensation for losing one-time-only decorations
    • Incorrectly imported trial save data
    • Online damage indication caused by lag
    • Excessive trap damage

    One important detail given to all players is to not use the Mimic Doll decoration in your room, as it seems to have been to blame for the disappearing decorations. The developers urge all players to remove that particular decoration from your room until the fix has been put in place. Furthermore, concerning decorations given as rewards through earning titles and using one-time-only passwords, you will be able to recollect these items through your vision phone following this update. (Passwords will have to be re-entered, but title rewards will be received as they normally would.) Remember, this will apply only to decorations, so you will not be able to get duplicate weapons or other items earned from titles. Finally, as an overall compensation for the trouble caused by these bugs, a password will be distributed with this update granting all players five Photon Boosters.

    Stay tuned for details on when to expect this update to be rolled out. Thanks goes to Amherst_Wind for bringing us this information! Check out the ongoing discussion at the forum.

    Update: Just in time for Christmas, the above-detailed update is ready to be downloaded! To download this update, press the triangle button after highlighting the PSP2 game icon on your PSP. This will bring up a menu with the option "Update" (??????). Select that (and make sure you are connected to the internet) to begin the installation. This file will require 19MB on your memory stick. Once installation is complete, the game's title screen will display "Ver.1.01" in the upper-right corner. Finally, for the five Photon Boosters, enter the password "ITEM GIFT" at your vision phone. But take note that you must first update your software before this password can be used.

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    1. Zimbabwe's Avatar
      Zimbabwe -
      Man, I would kill to have a PSP right now with PS:P2.
    1. ZeroXmp's Avatar
      ZeroXmp -
      I hope sega fix this problems
    1. mr. cool's Avatar
      mr. cool -
      i have psp for psp and i need an update
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