• Phantasy Star Zero Released in Europe and Australia

    Phantasy Star Zero was formally released in Europe and Australia over the last couple of days. Australian players can pick up the game for 70 Aussie Dollars. European players will have to pay 39,95 Euros for the game. If you are new to the game and need help getting started, be sure to check out the Phantasy Star Zero Item Database and Guides section. Stop by the Phantasy Star Zero forum if you have any questions or would like to arrange matchups with fellow PSO-World players.

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      SubstanceD -
      I spent all weekend trying to find a copy of Phantasy Star Zero and unfortunatly I've had no luck. I went to "Game", apparently they only got in 1 copy and it was sold out by the time I got there, as for "Gamestop", according to one of the clerks I spoke to, none of the "Gamestops" in Ireland have received a shipment of PS0 although he assures me that it's due in. As it stands right now however it looks like most retailers over here can't be bothered to stock the game. Should have imported.
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