• Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 USB Memory Support

    A post at Major Nelson's blog has appeared with details regarding support for USB memory devices on the Xbox 360. A system update will be going out on April 6th which will expand on the memory storage and management options for the console. To use a flash drive or HDD, it must be at least 1GB in size. It will be possible to declare up to 16GB (depending on the size of the device) to be used for Xbox 360 related storage. It will also be possible to use two devices at once (for up to 32GB of external storage). Pictures of what these new options will look like are featured in Major Nelson's flicker account. As a side note, official Xbox 360 250GB HDDs are heading out to stores. They will be retailing for $130 in the United States. It appears that they are set to replace the 120GB HDDs that are currently for sale. Update: The system update is now going out to all Xbox 360 owners. A FAQ is available here.
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    1. Neith's Avatar
      Neith -
      I still have one of the old 20GB Hard Drives that came with the 360 years ago. Trust me, when you're downloading a lot of DLC (Rock Band is a pain for that), it fills in no time. You can't really install games on the 20GB if you're getting DLC because there just isn't enough space...

      I'm wondering what'll happen to the prices of the 120GB Hard Drives when the 250GB releases. I've heard the 250 is a replacement, so hopefully that means dirt-cheap 120GB drives for a while.
    1. Tekknight's Avatar
      Tekknight -
      I have one of the old 20 gig (really only 12 for the user) hard drives too and it DOES fill up remarkably fast. Funny thing is, I bet those with the 120 gig think 20 gigs is a cruel joke. I actually just emailed PSU's Edward to ask about the demo which I'm tired of seeing take up space. With this I think I can archive my data in just an efficient enough fashion that I can stop passing on downloading things. I've been straddling that .5-3 gig line for a while now. And with things coming out all the time for free that Microsoft is banking on becoming integral (Waypoint, Gameroom etc) I'm sure I'm about to hit the wall. I usually try to stick with the official product lines, but when the alternative is SO SO SO much better, I have to go that route.
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Not to mention, a formatted 20GB drive is actually only 13GB of usable space. That's usually only enough for maybe one game install and a select number of arcade games and DLC.
    1. Imatron_'s Avatar
      Imatron_ -
      Has anyone seen information saying the drives will work just like a hard drive in the sense the x box can save the aoti expansion and run it from the USB drive?
    1. HAYABUSA-FMW-'s Avatar
      http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/30/gamestop-listing-shows-sandisks-xbox-360-branded-usb-drives-at/ - @ ridiculous prices was the cutoff of the title URL. Nothing that Nintendo didn't do with their SD memory placed next to the other Wii accesories, or PS3 and their Memory Pro Duo, not just Memory Stick Pro - no more "adapters" for that anymore, though. Milking people who don't know any better, gotta love it.
    1. Tekknight's Avatar
      Tekknight -
      Now THAT would be something!
    1. psu ring's Avatar
      psu ring -
      i use my psp and it works and i save all the psu stuff
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