• Xbox 360 Supplemental Update and PSU Version 1.0

    The supplemental update for Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus will be arriving this summer on the Xbox 360, according to an announcement on the official PSU home page. The announcement, posted today by GM Edward, gives some basic information about the update and includes a teaser that there will be a more PSU news to come. Additionally, Sega has announced that online support for PSU Version 1.0 (the base version, without the expansion) will be ending on June 21, 2010. This is a necessity for deploying the supplemental update and will assuredly be a benefit to those already enjoying the AOTI expansion. Official EN Announcements JP Version 1.0 End Announcement JP Supplemental Update Announcement A discussion has already started in the forums.
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    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      XD hahaha you said it BIG OLAF
      XD what took u so dawn long sega
      > Grrrrr... oop I did not me to grawl XD
      and hope u guys fix the normal drop rate
      >.> psu member sick tired of c rank items dropping on S1-S2 mission
    1. ZIE creations's Avatar
      ZIE creations -
      I knew it was comming sooner or later! I'm can't even describe how much better I feel toward PSU's future. I hope that later they will anounce a catch up system where the 360 servers will meet the JP pc/ps2 servers.
    1. Justyn_Darkcrest's Avatar
      Justyn_Darkcrest -
      Words cannot express how much this upsets me.. I was on PC/PS2 servs and the only thing left that I wanted to do was try this update out D:
      Oh well.. grats to the 360 players and enjoy.
    1. HEETHER's Avatar
      HEETHER -
      Maybe we'll have the same felling when Aoti first came out =D
    1. DarthCastivious's Avatar
      DarthCastivious -
      Ok so what does the update truly mean? I am yet to see any details.
    1. HEETHER's Avatar
      HEETHER -
    1. DarthCastivious's Avatar
      DarthCastivious -
      thank you. i remember reading all of this back during the shred of darkness. i got my hopes up then, but ended up letting my account laps. now i am back, and again i am looking forward to it (so is my wife). lets just hope it acctually happens this time.....(fingers crossed)
    1. xSEGAxMANx's Avatar
      xSEGAxMANx -
      Edward the GM is my friend, and whenever i would ask him this "So ed... whens this update coming out? do u know?" he would tell me this, "i dont know " or just say "im not gonna ruin it for u, all will be revealed... in time" hahaha ty ed! talk to u soon bud!
    1. zakura blade's Avatar
      zakura blade -
      its nice to see sega trying to keep the game kicking just hope its worth the wait all so dose this mean no GC that we get it all for free becuse in my book gc will kill the game well lest thers something to look for
    1. Max B's Avatar
      Max B -
      Lol Gc wil not kill the game.. but that is just my opinion. I hope we get GC to be honest..
    1. Evangeline's Avatar
      Evangeline -
      Big Olaf!!! I miss you sooo much, I will for sure be back online when the new update is available. Guh, I was starting to think that it would never come....
      Nassandra+Evangeline= Uber beast babes <3
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      I sure hope this update is good as I just went out an bought an X box 360 so I can restart PSU all over again and check out this update Ive been waiting for for quite some time now. Just sucks that they finally announce it but shut down the ps2/ PC servers I was playing on.
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