• Amazon & Gamestop Start Price War, Create GREAT Game Deals

    GameStop and Amazon are having themselves a little price war at the moment, and it's working out quite nicely for gamers!

    Gamestop started by having a sale that offered discounted titles with $10 credits on future purchases. Amazon matched their prices, $10 credits and all. Gamestop lowered prices further. Amazon started matching again. The end result? Some awesome deals (some of which are still getting better). Here are the featured titles:

    The above links direct to Amazon (as that will come out to a better deal for most people), but if you prefer to purchase from Gamestop, just follow this link to check out the sale on their website:

    We'll keep this updated with any major changes to the sale. If you spot something else or want to chime in on your recommended picks, join in on the current discussion in our forums!

    UPDATE: Many of the games in Gamestop's sale are no longer available, prompting Amazon to start raising their prices back up. However, some new games have been added to Gamestop's promotion (such as Mario Kart, Bayonetta, Wii Sports Resort w/ Motion Plus, and God of War collection). These new titles have not yet been matched on Amazon, so hit the Gamespot link above if you're interested!

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    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Its been a while, but Tomeeboy is back to sellin' out.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      Hmmm....sounds interesting. I'll have to keep tabs on this thread.
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Amazon has now matched Bioshock 2 and Final Fantasy XIII as well. Above prices have been updated.
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Another batch of price matches are in, with Amazon dropping their price on Battlefield Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2 (PS3 only so far), Mass Effect 2, and Heavy Rain. Enjoy!
    1. SELENNA's Avatar
      SELENNA -
      Nice affiliate links Mr. Newsreporter. How much of that money will end up in YOUR pockets? So much for 'helping' gamers heh.
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Hey, we could always move back to IGN's hosting if you'd prefer... You know, that place where the site was down (ie: not helping gamers) pretty much every day Web hosting, software licenses, domain registrations, etc. all cost money and we've dipped into our own personal finances to ensure that PSO-World visitors never have to put up with the hassles we encountered when the site was hosted for "free".

      Currently, 100% of any advertising revenue that PSO-World makes is spent toward these expenses and the rest comes out of our pockets. All while we are actually showing LESS advertisements to registered members than when we were hosted with Gamespy/IGN. I feel that's something people should think about before making sly comments about our integrity
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