• Sega Blog Reveals Uniloc DRM Details for Upcoming Alpha Protocol

    Clumsyorchid, who we all know from Sega's official blog and Phantasy Star Universe fame, has posted some details regarding the Uniloc DRM system that will be used in the PC version of Alpha Protocol, Sega's upcoming third-person action role-playing game. Surprisingly, they seem to have struck a relatively fair balance in terms of DRM-imposed restrictions, something that PC gamers usually hate with a passion. Here are some of the details:

  • The game will use the Uniloc: SoftAnchor DRM system.
  • An Internet connection is required for activation (though they have a workaround for installing on PCs that don't have Internet access).
  • An Internet connection is NOT required to play the game.
  • The disc does not need to be inserted to play the game.
  • Game can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs over its lifetime and can be actively used on up to five PCs at any given time.
  • Activation licenses can be easily transferred between computers if you need to deactivate one installation and activate another (access to the PC you are deactivating not required).
  • A future patch (in 18-24 months) will REMOVE the DRM protection to ensure that you can still install and play your game down the road, even if the Uniloc servers are no longer available.

  • There seem to be some very reasonable compromises outlined in their DRM implementation. The removal of DRM protection with a future patch is definitely a welcome initiative and the requirements for playing the game are minimal. If this works well, I'm sure we can expect to see similar usage in future Sega titles.

    Is Sega setting a new example of reasonable digital rights management that other companies should follow? Post your comments and tell us what you think!

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    1. Imatron_'s Avatar
      Imatron_ -
      I'd say the removal of the drm is an unexpected
      but a smart move. They probably expect to make thier profits from the initial sale of the game, so taking the drm off when it's no longer profitable helps ensure that users who bought it won't lose acess to the game. I would definatley aprove this drm. I'm already annoyed that a game I bought had that three time only instalation, I think by law they should specify that on the box so I know what Im buying (or not to buy I should say, I'll never knowingly buy a three time only instalation disc.)
      I also like steam's drm system, but I hate the download times, especialy when your just moving the game to a new hard drive, I wish you could make a local instalation disc to install from so we don't spend12 hours waiting for it to download each time.
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Well if the DRM isn't going to suck, lets just hope the game its attached to dosen't suck.
    1. pinkace's Avatar
      pinkace -
      The last bullet is a VERY VERY good step. Basically Sega is saying that after 2 years these rules will mot apply and the game could be traded and/or sold. Much better than Sony's
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