• Content Update for May 14

    This week's update for Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360 servers has been detailed on the English PSU homepage. Players can expect to see the following starting this Friday:
    • Level cap increase from 170 to 180.
    • Parum Unification Commemoration lobbies will be posted until May 20. The Parum Unity Souvenir will be available at the Variety Shop during this time.
    • Casino Voloyal item rotation.
    Spring lobbies will also be coming down with this update. A thread has already been created in the forums regarding this news. Update: The Japanese 360 homepage has noted that the seasonal lobbies and item will be available until May 20.
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    1. Jadonus's Avatar
      Jadonus -
      These pretzels are making me Thirsty. It's great, I was getting sick at looking at FULL EXP come up everytime i killed a monster.
    1. Max B's Avatar
      Max B -
      Soon you will be earning Aexp so you will not have to worry about that.
    1. Yurka_Maku's Avatar
      Yurka_Maku -
      too bad my subscription was probably canned.
      (Edit: And now sad children are staring me down in the site's advertisements... I HAVE NO MONEY STARVING ETHEOPIAN CHILDREN!)
    1. FirefoxKyuubi's Avatar
      FirefoxKyuubi -
      Yay! For AEXP soon!!!!!
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