• Sega Announces Phantasy Star Portable 2 Fan Art Contest Winners

    Sega community team member RubyEclipse dropped by the PSP2 forum to let us know that the winners of Sega's Phantasy Star Portable 2 fan art contest have been announced! The top 10 entries from the contest were posted on Sega's blog, along with some notes about why the judges liked each one. In a surprise twist, it was revealed that in addition to the first place entry, the second place entry will also be included in the Western release of Phantasy Star Portable 2.

    First PlaceSecond Place

    For those of you wondering, the winning entry is a parody of the famous Barack Obama "Hope" poster, which was designed during the 2008 election season. The runner-up features Alis Landale, the main character from the first Phantasy Star game.

    Congratulations to the winners! We'll look forward to seeing the in-game versions of these two entries! Be sure to check out Sega's blog for the top 10 announcement, as well as their Flickr page for a gallery of all the entries.

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    1. Hatrix's Avatar
      Hatrix -
      That picture of Alis Landale is excellent! and I belive Mr.Rappy would have made a better president than Obama lol
    1. Mimo's Avatar
      Mimo -
      Haha nice, I really like that second one though, It's very pretty The details are amazing. Congrats to all the winners :3 and nice job on all the entries.
    1. Deco_Bryl's Avatar
      Deco_Bryl -
      That Alis pic is fantastic! Something about the style reminds me of eighties anime character designs. I love it!
    1. Cranberry's Avatar
      Cranberry -
      I looked at the Flicker Page. A lot of great pieces were submitted. Congratulations to the winners, and great job to everyone else too.
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Alis is very nicely done. O'Rappy is interesting.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      I definitely want the Alis one when I get the game!
    1. MegaZoneXE's Avatar
      MegaZoneXE -
      lol Rappy would have the BEST exit strategy on the war. Attack, Play dead and Run!!!
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      Cool entries. And I concur, the Alis one is fantastic. I'd love to get a poster of that. It's a great 80's anime look, very heroic, and beautiful. It's like a fully realized depiction of Phantasy Star's first hero for which one would imagine an actual Phantasy Star character would own. It would look appropriate in anybody's room.
    1. chibiLegolas's Avatar
      chibiLegolas -
      I love both entries for different reasons. But I'm a fan of the Rappy actually. Great concept idea and PERFECT as a poster! That's the one I'm aiming to collect in game. Great work for all who entered. There's some great stuff out there!
    1. XxXMoGaRXxX's Avatar
      XxXMoGaRXxX -
      wow man u have no talent the other pic in second deserved first only because you didnt even do anything besides using this website or one like it to9 make that picture http://obamiconme.pastemagazine.com/
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